In this article and the video vlog embedded below, we are going to showcase 4 things:

  1. Cebu pacific piso fare
  2. Dubai transit visa on arrival
  3. Best Luxury Hotel Accommodation for only Php1,800+
  4. What you can do with your layover time

Plus ways on how to connect to Europe as low as Php5,000+ from Dubai.

1. Cebu Pacific Piso Fare

This is actually our second time transiting to Dubai via Cebu Pacific Airlines and the reason why we prefer to connect to Dubai is because of the Piso Fare offered by Cebu Pacific and affordable connections to another country in Europe, Middle East, Africa, South Asia and even in Russia. You can go to Amsterdam, Italy, France and other parts of Europe for as low as Php5,000 roundtrip going back to Dubai if you are lucky? Did you know that we only got the round trip ticket from Manila – Dubai to Manila for only Php3,750 pesos each? yes that’s right. We first booked our one way ticket last December 24, 2018 because Cebu Pak offered the year end piso sale so make sure to grab that opportunity. Sometime the return back ticket is a bit costly so if that’s the case, you can just book one way and look for another timing from the same airlines or from different company. This is ideal if your planned schedule is more than 6 months to 1 year from now. We got our return ticket just last June 2019 because of another sale.

2. Transit Visa on Arrival

Our objective is to go New Delhi, India for some business holiday purposes while connecting to Dubai. So if you a transiting to another country nearby like in Europe, Africa, Russia and so much more, do you need to apply for transit visa? the answer is NO, provided that you have the following condition:

a. You have a 3rd party connecting flight out from Dubai in more than 8 hours time
b. You have a hotel reservation ticket
c. Valid Passport

Make sure you bring all these copies with you when you go to the Airline Check-in counter because they will ask for your VISA in Dubai. Just mention that you will just transit going to another country and if that country requires a VISA, make sure you have a copy with you so they can give you your boarding pass.

Once you arrive in Dubai International Airport, just go to the immigration assistant desk nearby the Immigration gate and tell them that you will apply for transit visa. They will ask you few questions about your destination country, date and time, how long you will stay and if you have a reservation hotel ticket in Dubai. Once everything is clear they will let you go to the Marhaba Service to apply for the transit visa which require the approval from the immigration officer. They will ask you the same question and you have to pay for the transit visa fee amounting 63 Dirhams or Php884 Pesos either cash or credit card. After few minutes, you will get your transit visa then can clear the immigration gate and you can stay in Dubai for maximum of 48 hours. Last year, we got our transit visa on arrival for FREE coming from Armenia going to Dubai because we used a UAE based airlines which was Fly Dubai and the visa fee was waived.

Our connecting flight going to India is more than 24 hours so we need to relax and sleep in a hotel after our late arrival in Dubai. We just rented the taxi going to our hotel for only 40 Dirhams. The metro railway is also much cheaper that is only ranging from 5 dirhams to 15 dirhams each depending on the distance. Just make sure the hotel you book is near the metro station but if you are in a family of 2 or more, it’s better to use taxi instead so you don’t need to walk.

Transit Visa on Arrival to Dubai from the Philippines

3. Best Hotel accommodation in Dubai

Did you know that we booked our hotel accommodation ticket right after the immigration told us to go to Marhaba to process our Transit visa? yes, because we are worried that it might not get approve and will just stay in the airport until our next flight. So i used my account and search right away the hotel that is available and luckily we found one that was really nice and affordable called Star Metro Deira Hotel Apartments. There is a free wifi in the airport so you can book anytime using your mobile phone. The price is only P1,800 + taxes which is cheaper already versus the other hotels in Dubai plus the amenities and benefits you can get when you book there.

They have a huge room that you will live like a king with your own kitchen, living room, dinning area, bathtub, and so much more. They also have a big swimming pool and gym that you can stay they longer. At the ground area, there area a lot of shopping area and soviner area to buy cheap items. In front of the hotel is a mall that you can unwind and just 3 minutes walk is a metro station that you can go around Dubai.

4. What you can do in Dubai for 8 to 48 hours

If its your first time transiting to Dubai, its a must and recommended to visit Burj Khalifa, the highest building the World. To go there, you can ride the metro rail and drop in Dubai Mall station. At least take your instagramable photo in front of Burj Khalifa and its ideal to go to Dubai Mall Fountain area to do that. You can also go up to experience that at least once in your life time in my separate vlog. We went there last year.

Another place to visit is Burj Al Arab, the third tallest hotel and the only 7-stars hotel in the world. You can stay their cheapest suites starts at $1,000 and the royal suites starts at $24,000 per night.

You can also visit and try the Dubai Creek Fary for only 1 Dirhams then go to Dubai Museum to visit and know the history of Dubai. You can also buy gold in Dubai Souk. The gold there is affordable comparing to what we have in malls so if you plan to buy your wedding ring or any other accessories, its a best time to buy it there. It’s like 30% to 60% cheaper comparing to our local prices. Take picture as well in the Dubai Frame since that is one of a kind architurural design. Other places to go if you have more time are Jumeirah Beach, Ride a camel and try the desert dinner tour package, Old Dubai and few more other know tourist spot.

Check out our next upcoming vlog and blog to our next destination New Delhi, India and see the magnificent Taj Mahal, one of the 7 wonders of the world via Emirates Airlines. See you all.

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My gears:

Go Pro Hero 7:
W8 4k Underwater Camera (Php750 only):
DJi Spark Drone:
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Airfare via Cebu Pacific Round Trip: Php4,200 for 2 pax
4-Star Hotel Accomodation for 3 nights: Php15,500
Transportation (Via Metro Rail): Php1,000
Food: Php1,000 per day total Php3,000
Great Wall Tour: Php1,000 each total Php2,000

Expenses Total: Php25,700
Affiliate Marketing earning online Php15,500

Total Net Expenses: Php10,200
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Quick guide to Beijing China:

1. Did you know that we are required to have a Tourist Visa before entering to China? yes, unless you will just transit to another 3rd country then that is FREE provided that you will stay only the port of entry for not more than 24 hours. You can refer to this guide for the step by step requirements of getting a Chinese tourist visa here I personally used this guide and very detailed to follow.

2. The embassy requires a round trip airfare ticket, make sure you secure this before applying. Always subscribe to all airlines and watch out for the Peso sale. We’ve been doing this for 10 years now 🙂

3.You need to get a reservation hotel accommodation. I suggest not to pay first since you need to know if you successfully acquire a tourist visa in the Chinese Embassy. Book for hotels here and make sure you select hotels that doesn’t require any initial payment and you can pay cash once you are there and about to check-in. Our hotel in Beijing doesn’t require any advance payment so you can do that as well. You can book here in John Howard Paragon Hotel.

4. Download the necessary apps because remember that any Google product and Facebook are not allowed in China even if you use VPN. I recommend to download the metro train map station, offline Bing or so you can easily go around even without mobile data. Download as well the attractions that you will be going so you are prepared.

5. Chinese don’t speak good english, even if we are in the restaurant, they will still speak in Mandarin so make sure you know some basic Chinese words like ordering for food. Or simply just point the food you want to order from their menu and that’s it.

6. Get a local china simcard in the airport with mobile data so you get online, gps and other guides online. They prefer to use whatsup and viber there not FB messenger because that is blocked.

7. You can bring food like cup noodles, bread and snacks to save even more from the Philippines provided that you have enough baggage allowance.

8. Most of the tours requires physical fitness. Make sure you are ready to walk for 1 to 5 kms per day. Do a morning workout before going into the tour so it will not that difficult at the end.

9. Bring your powerbank, bottle water, phone, camera and password always. Some attractions requires your ID just like in Tien Amen Square. Also make sure you have a handy snack with you.

10. Maximize your time and bring alot of memories.  Don’t worry too much about your expenses because that will be back 🙂 . Just be smart on your expenses provided that you are enjoying.

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Did you know that Armenia is the only FREE visa on arrival country we can visit us Filipinos in the European continent? Yes that is true! did you also know that its the only country that you can experience snow and do skiing without any difficult visa to get comparing to South Korea, Japan and China. How is that possible? well give you a quick guide on how we did it as part of our Middle East Europe tour coming from Manila.

See our flight and 1st day tour from Dubai straight to Yerevan, Armenia.

Here are our travel itinerary:

1. Book a cheap flight from Manila to Dubai round trip (since there is no flight directly to Armenia, you need to connwct through Dubai or Mozcow first). We got a great deal from for only Php2,750 each roundtrip. Isn’t amazing? yes, we got it last year during the New Year sale and the flight was last November 4 to November 14. I will attached here our flight itinerary for all your reference:

Cebu Pacific Promo Manila Dubai

2. Acquire a Tourist Visa before traveling to Dubai, UAE. You can easily get one through any accredited travel and tour operator in Dubai, Airlines or any friends living there. In our case, we just contacted my classmate in UP and he assisted me to get one. It only took us about 2 days to get the e-visa that should be printed before checking in the airport. It will also be shown and stamp in Dubai immigration. The cost of Visa is around 250 aed or about Php5,500.

3. Book quality but cheap accomodation in Dubai. We got a 4-star hotel for only Php2,200 per night called Safron Boutique Hotel. You can book it online through We also tried 1-star hotel like Emirates Hotel and Garden Inn for only Php1,200 to Php1,500. If you compare the difference  better go through the 4-star accomodation to enjoy your vacation.

4. Get a good deal flight from Dubai to Armenia through I checked their website and the cheapest European connection is only Php7,000 roundtrip going to Bulgaria and Netherlands. For Armenia, we got each roundtrip ticket for Php15,000, a bit costly comparing to the other connections. Subscribe to their website and monitor the promotion for Armenia.

5. Pay Visa on arrival in Armenian immigration. The cost of the visa is only 3,000 drum or about Php400 estimate and you can stay there up to 2 months depending kn your itinerary. For us, we mentioned that will only stay for 5 days but they gave us 20 days so it might be their minimum duration i think.

6. Get a local and friendly tour guide with accomodation. Before going to Armenia, i did my research and contacted a local tourist guide so they can pick us in the airport. We got a good deal for only $250 good for 4 days that include the travel and tour, airport pickup and drop-off, welcome drinks and other freebies.

Check out my different blog post for our complete itinerary during our 4 to 5 days visit in Yerevan, Armenia.

Manila to Dubai Day 1 – Complete Walkthrough 🙂

Did you know that we had a great deal from Cebu Pacific? we booked last year for Manila-Dubai-Manila for only Php2,750 round trip? yes! that is true and it was the year end promo last December 28, 2017. The normal plane ticket going to Dubai from Manila is ranging from Php7,500 to Php20,000 per passenger and sometimes it will go up if you plan to fly within the week.

Check out this blog post to learn more on how to get a good deal in airlines, hotels and tour packages.

Time check, its 10 in the morning November 4, 2018. I booked a round trip ticket together with my wifey for only Php5,750 bound to Dubai. Unfortunately, Von Artemis our son will not be with us this time because of his school commitment and we can’t afford to miss his classes for 10 days. So we have to leave him first in the house of my mother in law in Antipolo City before going to the airport.

It was heart-breaking leaving your son for few days as we are normally flying together but no worries, will be bringing him in to our next local and international tour destination. We travelled back to our condo unit in Quezon City to leave the car and get some of our hand-carry laggage.

Preparation going to the airport

Time check: 1:00PM

Our boarding time is 3:45pm in NAIA 3 international airport and we are still in our condo unit. It is true that if you are in hurry and excited about your travel journey then you will get confuse and forget other important things you should bring? just like in our case, we forgot our power bank, bluetooth headset, mouse, brush, makeup for my wifey and snacks. Best practice is to keep these all inside your bag a day before your scheduled travel.

We immediately booked a Grab car to pick us up and the total cost was Php687 pesos. It took us 1 hour and 15 minutes to reach the airport. Upon reaching the departure bays, we where shocked because the queue was quite long. This is probably due undas and long weekends as people started to go back on their respective countries or provinces.

We only have an hour to get our boarding pass and luckily we already checked-in online so we don’t need to wait in the airport for 3 hours. We have to pay Php1,650 each for the travel tax. We need to show our passport, tourist visa for UAE and the travel tax payment slip. Since we don’t have any check in luggage, we thought that our hand-carry bag is more than 7KG the allowed per pax but luckily they didn’t check it however they noticed that the diameter and width of my bag seems may not fit in the luggage area inside the plane. The bag is actually small and i just compressed it so we are able to move forward in the immigration counter.

Time check: 3:30PM

It’s boarding time and we are still in the immigration counter as the queue was quite long again. It took us about 30 minutes just to get our turn and clear the immigration officer queue.

We haven’t eaten so we decided to buy something really quick and shocked that it was the last call and we heard both our names in the air! we have to run really fast just like the amazing race series to get in to the pit stop. Luckily we are able to get inside the Cebu Pacific Airbus 330 bound to Dubai.

This will be a 10 hours flight ride and have to be productive while on air. Similar time travel as what i experienced in my Guam to Hawaii travel way back May 2013.

See you all in Dubai and good night.

Dubai International Airport

Inside Dubai Mall

Yehey! successfully landed in Dubai International Airport. Time check: 9:30 Dubai local time, est about 3:30 AM Manila time. Going around the Dubai airport was like a tourist spot already because of the big different with our airport in NAIA and Clark.

The airport was nice, clean, with state of the art facilities. It was considered one of the busiest airport in the world. We have to clear the immigration then start moving forward to our hotel.

There is no Grab in Dubai so i used Uber to bring us in Emirates Hotel that we booked few days ago via

After an hour of rest, we went to Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa.

Dubai Mall Full View

Dubai Mall Aquarium

(Check out our episode 2 video here.)

End of Day 1 😉