October 2018


Traveling should be fun, easy and relaxing. Some blogs normally post the cheapest way to enjoy your adventure however we need to ask ourself if we really enjoy our tour or we are just tired and exhausted because we really want to save? well it all depends on the person preference and budget but i really recommend that we travel practically. I’ve been traveling to many local and international destination in the past 12 years. I experienced both the luxury type tour and poor traveler style. There are pros and cons in both ways but at the end, we want a tour that we enjoy to unwind for an affordable price, not that cheap and not that high. So, i am focusing most of my guides in a balance way that you can still enjoy your adventure like a king.

Before getting started, did you know that the word Tacloban came from the word “Tak-lub”a basket type to catch fish. It also became a major trading route town in the late 18th century. Tacloban city is well-known for its role in World War II, because it was set as major command post and based of the US forces. It was also the first town liberated by Douglas MacArthur’s command forces versus the Japanese Imperial army because Manila was under the Japanese control.

This post focuses in the 12 things you can do in Tacloban City for more or less than Php2,000 that is good up to 5 person. So that is like Php400 pesos each to get around Tacloban. The first thing i recommend is hire a hatch back sedan car in Haven’s Rent a Car for only Php1,500 pesos good for 12 hours. Make sure to book ahead of time because they are one of the most known rent a car in Tacloban City, Leyte. They will deliver your rented car in your hotel lobby or in the airport. The remaining Php500 will be use for the gasoline which can take you to all 12 best destination in Tacloban that includes the most popular and longest bridge in the Philippines, San Juanico Bridge, about 30 minutes away from downtown.

Here are my suggested itinerary so you can maximise your whole day stay in Tacloban City tour:

1. Cross and stop at San Juanico Bridge ( a must to visit 😎) – roundtrip estimate time 1 hour and half
You’re Tacloban tour will not be complete if you didn’t visit this place. It’s the iconic one of a kind suspension and longest bridge in the Philippines. You can forget the other destination below just to visit this first. Just to give you a heads up, there are police and military checkpoints in both ends of the bridge for the security and safety of all passenger cruising the borders of Leyte and Samar. Also take note that its not allowed to stop anytime in any part of the bridge so make sure you prepare your camera before hitting the quick hazard button in the car. You can only stay there for about 2 to 5 minutes depending on the number of cars on queue. Just be responsible to others and make sure you “hindi tyo nkakaabala sa ibang drivers crossing” (still thinking of the english word of this).  You can check my other blog post for the San Juanico Experience and the time i lost my DJi Tello Drone 😱.


2. “I Shall Return” MacArthur Park monument
I will never forget that word from Douglas MacArthur when i was young “I Shall Return”, so this will be our opportunity to select this next destination after San Juanico Bridge. Some tourist can’t last longer or the whole day specially minor and senior citizens that’s why some areas are not visited. Having that said, going here directly is advisable for general tourist to make sure you visit the top 2 destinations in Tacloban. There is nothing special here though but you can see the history of why MacArthur is in Tacloban. You can also see the beauty of San Pablo Bay and take pictures.


3. Boy Scout monument
I was a Boy Scout during my childhood and visiting this for a few minutes is one of a kind experience. This is just 500 meters away in MacArthur Park and surrounded by different government offices in the Leyte region.

4.  Leyte Provincial Capitol Building.
Leyte Provincial Capitol 2018

5.  Chill out at Kanhuraw Hill.
6. Visit the new Sto. Niño Church of Tacloban.

7.  Discover what’s inside Sto. Niño Shrine and Heritage Museum.

8. Witness the colorful Pintados and Sangyaw Festivals.

sanyaw-festival-tacloban9.  Offer prayers for the people who died during Yolanda.
10. Eat and party along Burgos Street.
11. Enjoy Leyte’s mouth-watering delicacies.
12. Hike to the Stations of the Cross and see the overlooking view of Tacloban City.

The whole trip will take more or less than 12 hours depending on how fast you wish to finish each destination. This will be the ideal first day city tour in Tacloban. Now we can proceed in your second day, the Kalanggaman Island tour in Polompon Leyte and the 3rd day tour in San Juanico Park, Golf and Country Club, the best private resort to unwind in Tacloban.

El Nido is one of my dream destination when i was young. I only heard about this magnificent island through television, post card and online. I’ve been to Palawan twice, the first one was way back 2008 with friends and we just visited the capital city of Puerto Princessa plus the under ground river however we didn’t get a chance to visit El Nido that time due to time constrains. Last 2016, we visited back again Palawan and we went to another dream destination, Coron. It was a nice place and i thought my Palawan adventure will end there.

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Just this year 2018, for the 3rd time, I visited Palawan again now together with my parents and sister who just arrived from United States. I make sure that El Nido will be part of our itinerary what ever it cost just to get there. So i rented a car from Puerto Princessa and drove our way there to El Nido for almost 5 hours. I was not dissapointed after all as i saw one of the hidden paradise on earth to tell you all honestly. I’ve been to many popular beach travel destination here in the Philippines like Siargao, Boracay, Camiguin, Caramon, Baler, Hundred Islands, Samal Island in Davao and so much more but only El Nido is the best if we compare it with regards to destination, activities, lagoon and lakes. Well, i’ve posted one best white island destination called Calaguas Island that can be found in Camarines Norte, Bicol region.

What to see in Big Lagoon, El Nido Palawan?

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Food to expect in El Nido Island Tour Philippines

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Kayaking to Small Lagoon El Nido Palawan, Philippines

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Island Hopping El Nido, Palawan 2018

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Cheap El Nido, Palawan Tour as low as Php2,000 each

Yap, for only Php2,000, you will experience this cheap El Nido, Palawan tour. It includes the round trip boat boat rental, lunch, travel tax, entrance and tourist fees.