In this article and the video vlog embedded below, we are going to showcase 4 things:

  1. Cebu pacific piso fare
  2. Dubai transit visa on arrival
  3. Best Luxury Hotel Accommodation for only Php1,800+
  4. What you can do with your layover time

Plus ways on how to connect to Europe as low as Php5,000+ from Dubai.

1. Cebu Pacific Piso Fare

This is actually our second time transiting to Dubai via Cebu Pacific Airlines and the reason why we prefer to connect to Dubai is because of the Piso Fare offered by Cebu Pacific and affordable connections to another country in Europe, Middle East, Africa, South Asia and even in Russia. You can go to Amsterdam, Italy, France and other parts of Europe for as low as Php5,000 roundtrip going back to Dubai if you are lucky? Did you know that we only got the round trip ticket from Manila – Dubai to Manila for only Php3,750 pesos each? yes that’s right. We first booked our one way ticket last December 24, 2018 because Cebu Pak offered the year end piso sale so make sure to grab that opportunity. Sometime the return back ticket is a bit costly so if that’s the case, you can just book one way and look for another timing from the same airlines or from different company. This is ideal if your planned schedule is more than 6 months to 1 year from now. We got our return ticket just last June 2019 because of another sale.

2. Transit Visa on Arrival

Our objective is to go New Delhi, India for some business holiday purposes while connecting to Dubai. So if you a transiting to another country nearby like in Europe, Africa, Russia and so much more, do you need to apply for transit visa? the answer is NO, provided that you have the following condition:

a. You have a 3rd party connecting flight out from Dubai in more than 8 hours time
b. You have a hotel reservation ticket
c. Valid Passport

Make sure you bring all these copies with you when you go to the Airline Check-in counter because they will ask for your VISA in Dubai. Just mention that you will just transit going to another country and if that country requires a VISA, make sure you have a copy with you so they can give you your boarding pass.

Once you arrive in Dubai International Airport, just go to the immigration assistant desk nearby the Immigration gate and tell them that you will apply for transit visa. They will ask you few questions about your destination country, date and time, how long you will stay and if you have a reservation hotel ticket in Dubai. Once everything is clear they will let you go to the Marhaba Service to apply for the transit visa which require the approval from the immigration officer. They will ask you the same question and you have to pay for the transit visa fee amounting 63 Dirhams or Php884 Pesos either cash or credit card. After few minutes, you will get your transit visa then can clear the immigration gate and you can stay in Dubai for maximum of 48 hours. Last year, we got our transit visa on arrival for FREE coming from Armenia going to Dubai because we used a UAE based airlines which was Fly Dubai and the visa fee was waived.

Our connecting flight going to India is more than 24 hours so we need to relax and sleep in a hotel after our late arrival in Dubai. We just rented the taxi going to our hotel for only 40 Dirhams. The metro railway is also much cheaper that is only ranging from 5 dirhams to 15 dirhams each depending on the distance. Just make sure the hotel you book is near the metro station but if you are in a family of 2 or more, it’s better to use taxi instead so you don’t need to walk.

Transit Visa on Arrival to Dubai from the Philippines

3. Best Hotel accommodation in Dubai

Did you know that we booked our hotel accommodation ticket right after the immigration told us to go to Marhaba to process our Transit visa? yes, because we are worried that it might not get approve and will just stay in the airport until our next flight. So i used my account and search right away the hotel that is available and luckily we found one that was really nice and affordable called Star Metro Deira Hotel Apartments. There is a free wifi in the airport so you can book anytime using your mobile phone. The price is only P1,800 + taxes which is cheaper already versus the other hotels in Dubai plus the amenities and benefits you can get when you book there.

They have a huge room that you will live like a king with your own kitchen, living room, dinning area, bathtub, and so much more. They also have a big swimming pool and gym that you can stay they longer. At the ground area, there area a lot of shopping area and soviner area to buy cheap items. In front of the hotel is a mall that you can unwind and just 3 minutes walk is a metro station that you can go around Dubai.

4. What you can do in Dubai for 8 to 48 hours

If its your first time transiting to Dubai, its a must and recommended to visit Burj Khalifa, the highest building the World. To go there, you can ride the metro rail and drop in Dubai Mall station. At least take your instagramable photo in front of Burj Khalifa and its ideal to go to Dubai Mall Fountain area to do that. You can also go up to experience that at least once in your life time in my separate vlog. We went there last year.

Another place to visit is Burj Al Arab, the third tallest hotel and the only 7-stars hotel in the world. You can stay their cheapest suites starts at $1,000 and the royal suites starts at $24,000 per night.

You can also visit and try the Dubai Creek Fary for only 1 Dirhams then go to Dubai Museum to visit and know the history of Dubai. You can also buy gold in Dubai Souk. The gold there is affordable comparing to what we have in malls so if you plan to buy your wedding ring or any other accessories, its a best time to buy it there. It’s like 30% to 60% cheaper comparing to our local prices. Take picture as well in the Dubai Frame since that is one of a kind architurural design. Other places to go if you have more time are Jumeirah Beach, Ride a camel and try the desert dinner tour package, Old Dubai and few more other know tourist spot.

Check out our next upcoming vlog and blog to our next destination New Delhi, India and see the magnificent Taj Mahal, one of the 7 wonders of the world via Emirates Airlines. See you all.

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Palawan is the last ecological frontier in the Philippines. We’ve been traveling for the last 12 years and so far El Nido was listed in our top 3 destinations to visit. No wonder why it was listed as one of the World’s top beach destination reviewed online.

Check out this video i created for the recommended tourist spot to visit in El Nido, Palawan. Later on, i will post another blog for the complete itinerary and walkthrough experience.Experience all these as low as Php3,600 all-in per pax. Minimum of 2 required. For booking and reservations, please visit my website

Gym workout requires dedication, consistency and patience. There are a lot of reasons why we go to gym, some wants to have a healthy leaving, some wants a good posture and body figure and some just want to release their stress from a busy lifestyle in the Metro. It all applies to me personally. Sometimes, it is difficult to workout if you are alone, wouldn’t you want someone by your side who’s encouraging you to push the limit of yourself? That is then one many reasons why couples who train together, stay together. Training together will have positive benefits in your relationship and I guarantee you that.

family workoutHere are the 6 Reasons Couples who Train Together Stay Together:

1. It will make you feel both 5 to 10 years younger

Working out in the gym will improve your strengths and maintain good body figure. As we get old, sometimes we are just focus on things that will help us sustain our daily needs by working hard in our business or corporate world. There are too much stress and workload in the busy metro like raising kids, paying debts, meeting our deadlines, satisfying our financial needs and so much more. We forgot ourself specially our health and body figure.

gym work out familyGoing to gym regularly will let you forget all the stress in life and it will make your body figure better. Do you want to have a good body figure to both of you? do you want to look 5 to 10 years younger? do you want to look that you both are just dating when you first met? Well, go to gym now and it’s not too late yet regardless of your age, aim to look 5 to 10 years younger and you will not regret this decision. You will feel the happiness in life which will be our second reason.

2. Train Together and feel 100% happiness in life

Most of our daily routine is wake up, prepare to work, eat and rest. This is normally the routine of majority until we retire. We are happy with this but its not 100% satisfaction. One thing that makes me and for sure everybody happy is to travel the world which i will discuss in a different blog, 10 Reasons couple who Travel the World Together stay together.  Going to gym on a regular routine as couple will make you happy as you see both progresses. If you see your partner’s body improving so he will look like Brad Pit or she looks like Katriona Gray then that will be 100% satisfaction guaranteed or just seeing yourself when you were young.

It’s not only reaching the body figure goal but the moment you are inside together, spending quality time is precious and memorable. It is then indeed will make you both happy and wealthy at the same time which will be the next reason.

3. Healthy couples is Wealthy couples

This is a very old saying that “Health is Wealth” and i agree on that. During our younger years, we mostly focus our time generating wealth but we sacrifices our health. I am always inspired by this design below about Energy, Time and Money:
Energy, Time and MoneyIt is very true that when we were young, we have a lot of time and energy but we don’t have money. It’s difficult to survive without money and to do that, you need to work hard to sustain your daily needs in life. When we are in our adult stage, we have enough money and energy but we don’t have time to do other things like going to Gym. We always say to ourself that “I am busy, I’ll check if i have time…”. The sad part is when we reach the Old age, we have time, money but we don’t have energy. L’et’s change this all and that is possible. How about, we have Energy, Time and Money? this is what i am actually doing now, don’t let work for money but let money work for you so you have more time and energy.  I will discuss that later on about the way how i balance and maximise the time, money and energy.

Going back to our main topic, healthy couples is wealthy couples. If you both are training inside the gym, you will release all stress and pressure in life. It is a good way to discover more great ideas to improve your business together with your love one. If we are healthy then we can spend more quality time with our family and friends while still making more money. You will be inspired and motivated seeing other couples working out together inside the gym which will be our next reason.

4. Train Together and be inspired/motivated

Most of us prefer to work out inside the house because well it’s cheaper and you don’t need to pay regular gym membership. But wait, we tried this and it didn’t work out, you know the reason? for sure you know the answer, working out inside the house is almost par the same as working out the gym however it’s still different. Here are some reasons:

  • You will get destructed when someone is inside the house, looking for you, background noise, kids, pets and others
  • You are not properly inspired and motivated because you are the only one or just the two of you, if you are inside the gym, everybody are focus on reaching their goal so as for you
  • You don’t have a complete equipment and assistance by coaches.
  • No pressure at all if you work at home because you can stop anytime you want, eat and rest.

Working together as couple or with your kids will boost up family time. It will also build connections to your network and business as you will meet other professionals while inside the gym together. For couples, you will try something new that brings you together which will be our next reason.

5. Experience something new that will bring you together

Working out inside the gym will help you improve more your experience together with your partner as you will experience different group routine like HIIT, Functional Lifting, Yoga, Zumba, Urban Fight Club, Fusion Max and others which majority are offered by Kinexio Max Fit . Photo credit to Kinexio.

This is a WIN-WIN for both of you as you focus on reaching your healthy life style while enjoying at the same time companionship. Going to the Gym is a good place to build more stronger relationship. If you are looking for a good and friendly staff/coaches, please visit Kinexio Max Fit. They are located here in Kingspoint Subd, for more info please visit their Facebook page or any other gym that is near to you and start to train together and you will stay together forever.

6. Both your Shared Goal will Bring You more Closer

The last and the best way to make your relationship healthy is to have a shared goal or activity. When you workout together as couple, you’re both sharing the goal of getting healthy lifestyle and prioritizing your fitness goal . The experience of being on the same page goal about something will brings you infinitely closer together. That sum up the 6 Reasons Couples Who Train Together Stay Together.

Before ending, i discussed a while back that it is possible to maximise your Time, Energy and Money. Instead of focusing most of your time generating money or wealth, focus most of it in time and energy. Spend quality time with your family and friends, travel all places you can go and let money work for you, don’t work for it. Question is how?

I’ve created my own business model and author of the book “From Branding to ROI” which we used as tagline in my company Marketlink Web Solutions.

With this business model, i can help anyone to start their online business empire and be a traveling CEO of your own. If you have an existing business and needs more sales then i can automate it for you. If you are a starter or don’t have any business yet, then it’s a good time to get started. Our packages starts as low as Php10,000++ or $200 month and you will have a full team working for your business in terms of Graphic Design, Web Design and Development, SEO, Content Writing, A/B Testing, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Video and so much more. You don’t need to hire each one of this to operate your business. You don’t need a huge office space or you can even work at home. What you only need is a brilliant idea a minimal investment and we will help you make it happen from Branding to ROI.

Full website management

Spend more quality time with your family and friends. Go travel as many places as you want to. Work out in the gym to have a healthy life style and improve your body figure and let our team, Marketlink Web Solutions a Google Partner company do the work for you.

Interested to know more about this? please like my Facebook page and Youtube channel and get a FREE online business consultation with me.

Have you ever wonder to visit Maldives which is located in the center of Indian Ocean? Did you know that we have multiple similar Maldives as well here in the Philippines? yes, that is true. One is in Bais, Negros Oriental and another one in Grace Island Resort located in San Jose, Mindoro. So if you have a tight budget going to Maldives, why not go to our own Maldives version right? Going to Maldives will cost you about Php40,000 or even more for one person while going to one of this  local destination can go as low as Php10,000. That’s a huge difference right?

So let’s get started then and will focus in the Maldives of Mindoro – Grace Island Resort. Originally, we don’t have any idea about this place until we saw a promo airfare sale offered by Philippines Airlines bound to San Jose, Mindoro from Clark. The one way ticket was only Php250 just last 2 weeks ago. So after computing for the three of us, it was only around Php3,500 round trip! that was a great deal already versus going there through RORO bus which is also give you similiar expenses plus the travel time of around 24 hours or less while traveling by plane will only take you there for 45 minutes.  Make sure to check for promo from PAL and Cebu Pacific as both offer direct flight to San Jose Mindoro.

How to Book an accommodation in Grace Island Resort?

Grace Island Resort offers different packages depending on your goal and number of person. They have honeymoon package for couple, threesome for a small family or friends or even for a huge group. They have a day tour and overnight packages as well. Check their website at to know more about the price rates, photos and other info. Personally, we availed their threesome package since we have our Son with us, Von Artemis! The overnight all in rate cost Php8,000. That includes the airport pickup, boat roundtrip travel, overnight floating cottage accommodation with 2 beds, set of meals for lunch, dinner and breakfast. It also includes free kayak boat, bike, ball activities and others. They also have a mini-zoo within the island and obstacle course for team building activities. Aside from that, they have a play ground for kids so its a child friendly resort.

Make sure to bring your under water camera, aerial drone if available, snorkling and goggles, sunblock and camera.

Overall, our expenses are as follow for three persons:

Airfare from Clark to San Jose – Php3,500 (3 pax for roundtrip)
Grace Island Overnight Accomodation – Php8,000
Jetski water activity – Php500
Optional tip – Php500

Overall: Php12,500 for a perfect holiday 🙂

Do you wanna visit this place or if you have question, please drop your message below.